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Precision Machines

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Precision Machines is preparing a financial sketch for the present six months to detail the financial needs of the crew. The literal decomposition of the crew’s sales shows that the crew’s sum sales are 30% money sales and 70% praise sales.  Further decomposition of praise sales shows that the crew receives 50% of the praise sales one month following the sale and the fostering 50% in the promote month following the sale. This media the money collections from sales are 30% in the primary month of the sale, 35% in the promote month, and 35% in the third month. 

The materials forfeitured by the crew amounts to 50% of the sales for the month.  The crew pays for the forfeitures one month following the judicious forfeiture. The crew likes to adhere-to a money counteract of $5,000. The consume of attributeing is 10%.  The crew sketchs to pay off the advance whenever there is a redundancy and attribute when there is a arrears. 

The resolute spreadsheet shows revenues (sales), expenses, consummate expenditures, and other expenses for Precision Machines’ present six months.  Using the advice loving on the spreadsheet, fit a money budget for January through June and detail the money redundancy, arrears, and the financing needs of the crew. 


  • Recommend a money skill management for the crew that accomplish minimize the financing consume and extension the money flows for the crew.