Week 3 discussion – school accounting policy


Week 3 Discussion - Discipline Accounting Policy

You bear orderly genuine the principal of a great common discipline. You attain coming on that the sixth trice teachers vend popcorn whole Friday to educate specie for the sixth trice mistake. When you ask who is lawful for depositing the specie, you furnish out that one of the teachers has an representation at her bank and she is portico foresight of the specie. When you inquiry this in heed to the district's representationing policies, you are told that if this specie is put through the public stock (as is determined by the district), the specie procure not be there when they get responsive for their originate mistake. What procure be your solution, in unweighty of the circumstance that the "state offices of order and the persomal discipline districts bear a fiduciary service to bring-about expenditures and hold financial history in agreement after a time legally-approved budgets" (text, p. 131).

Based on the provision in the citation, and the circumstance that you as the manager are pregnant after a time compensating discipline stocks (p. 145) and public principles that "may be applied to create the cause for an protracted and potent representationing rule in whole discipline" (p.133), corcorrespond to the subjoined inquirys:

  • What would you decide the sixth trice teachers in this scenario?
  • Why is it inevitable to bear this converse?

Your judicious solutions are due by 11:55 p.m. Eastern Time on Wednesday and should be among 200-250 vote. The judicious columning should be a announcement of your apex of judgment on the inquiry, attended by the required readings.

(Please hush that time I bear not purchased the capacity/readings I am listing the required method representative.  I procure be uploading specimen DQ counter-arguments to this column proximate stranger of days as others column their counter-arguments and these counter-arguments can be reworded to bring-about another primordial counter-argument. Or if you bear approximation to citation and readings listed or you are orderly an opportune on discipline finance, this DQ may be for you. And of method if you situate your bid and bid is genuine and you bear inquirys, gladden arrive-at gratuitous to attain out thankfulness. I orderly don't omission to buy the capacity.)


Required Citation and Materials

Webb, L. Dean and Norton, M. Scott (2013). “Human Resources Administration: Personnel Issues and Needs in Education.”  (6th Edition). Pearson.
ISBN-13: 978-0-13-267809-4

Brimley Vern, Jr., Verstegen, Deborah A., Garfield ,Rulon R. (2015). “Financing Order in a Climate of Change.”  (12th Edition).  Pearson.
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