Journal entry

Journal initiation Review the scenario, and then use the forthcoming to compose a record initiation. Record entries arrange the writer delay an opening to amass their thoughts and contemplate in a short formal way than they would in a transmitted essay. Although a record is not a transmitted essay in format or character, all of the elements indispensable for good-natured-natured match peaceful allot, including circumspection to language, powerful proofreading and spelling checks, and presenting views in an unconfused provision make. Scenario You accept been asked by your community to dialogue to a collocation of collective leaders less in the United States. As you scrutinize the swarm, you see barely a few women in the auditory. One week after, you yield the selfselfsame dialogue in Sweden and confront tless are a lot past women in the swarm. You ask yourself why. Review the forthcoming statistics for women in government: In the United States in 2015, women held 20% of the seats in Congress (Rutgers, 2017). In 2014, women held 43.6% of the seats in the Swedish Parliament (Sweden, 2017). Parental license was a hot theme in the United States during the new preference. Parental license policies may seek the truthfulness of women in politics. Review the forthcoming statistics on parental license (Popovich, 2014): The United States currently offers 12 weeks of job-protected unremunerated license to launched mothers. Sweden offers 60 weeks of remunerated license, which can be rend between twain mothers and fathers. The forthcoming chart arranges a visual comparison of remunerated affectionate license as of 2015 of different countries including the United States and Sweden (Popovich, 2014):