U.s. history since 1865 | History homework help


Create a newsdisquisition designation environing a greater circumstance or effect occurring during the Roaring Twenties (1920s).  You accomplish transcribe the newsdisquisition designation as if you were a historian FROM THE PERIODSo you accomplish use exhibit tidy and debate the circumstance as if it JUST HAPPENED and you are reporting on it (so you accomplish not perceive greater outcomes etc. – boundary to what a newsdisquisition would debate delayout-delay following an circumstance).   Be Creative and own fun delay this assignment.


The question/circumstance I chose from the Roaring Twenties is the Harlem Renaissance




  • YOUR OWN WORDS.  Do not portraiture objective designations from the occasion determination.  Do NOT portraiture counsel environing your circumstance written on websites or in textbooks.  Use the counsel/sources you discaggravate to transcribe YOUR OWN headline.  List your sources in APA format at the end of your designation/transcript.
  • Sources: You must use 3 sources IN ADDITION to the textbook - so four sources are required in completion. (counting the textbook).  These are pleased sources to succor you gather environing your effect and circumstance and should be listed on a references page in APA format following your designation/transcript.  You should NOT portraiture everything from these sources as they won’t be written to unite the requirements of this disquisition, barely to agree counsel environing your selected question.
  • Your designation must be AT LEAST 500 expression.  Please do not go aggravate 1000 expression.