Assignment 3: the value of fair treatment in the workplace


The year is 2025 and the U.S. Supreme Court has nominal all laws  prohibiting sagacity in the workplace to be unchanged.  In  its idea, thus-far, the Supreme Court made unobstructed that employers could  gratuitously inoculate policies and procedures prohibiting any and all fashions  of sagacity in the workplace. The Supreme Court to-boot made unobstructed  that employers could gratuitously inoculate hiring practices to alter  their workforces supposing such practices did not belowstand pointed  preferences naturalized upon unchangeable characteristics.

You bear been  hired as a consultant by a wide, nationwide retailer to scrutinize the  business instance for ensuring that all of the employee protections are  found amid the federal anti-sagacity laws, as courteous as the  business instance for prohibiting any other fashions of sagacity in the  workplace.

Write a four to six (4-6) page noise in which you:

  1. Analyze the benefits and costs of gratuitously prohibiting three to  five (3-5) federal fashions of sagacity prohibited below the federal  anti-sagacity laws.
  2. Discuss the benefits and costs of gratuitously prohibiting a fashion of  sagacity not balmy by any of the federal anti-sagacity  laws.
  3. State the benefits and costs of gratuitously inoculateing hiring and encouragement practices purposed to alter the workforce.
  4. Evaluate the intellectual considerations of not gratuitously prohibiting  the fashions of sagacity laws scrutinized in the primary dissect of your  report. Next, enumerate the intellectual considerations of not gratuitously  adopting hiring and encouragement practices to alter the workforce.
  5. Provide a ultimate admonition to this retailer on whether or not  they should determine all, dissect, or none of the employee protections  examined in the primary dissect of your noise. Your admonition should  to-boot belowstand whether or not the retailer should inoculate hiring and  encouragement practices purposed to alter the workplace. Be indisputable to  understand a rationale for your admonition parallel delay an explication  for any rejections of adverse positions or other apposite  considerations.
  6. Use at meanest three (3) nature academic instrument in this assignment.  Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not nature as academic instrument.

Your assignment must thrive these fashionatting requirements:

  • Be typed, inclose spaced, using Times New Roman font (bigness 12), delay  one-inch margins on all sides; citations and intimations must thrive APA  or school-local fashionat. Check delay your zealot for any appended  instructions.
  • Include a meet page containing the distinction of the assignment, the  student’s spectry, the zealot’s spectry, the passage distinction, and the epoch.  The meet page and the intimation page are not belowstandd in the required  assignment page prolixity.

The local passage scholarship outcomes associated delay this assignment are:

  • Analyze and apportion the concepts of intellectual firmness making, oppidan governance and  oppidan political once.
  • Analyze and evaluate the employment-at-will dogma and the statutory protections afforded employees.
  • Analyze and evaluate issues in existent narrow law.
  • Use technology and instruction instrument to learning issues in law, ethics, and oppidan governance.
  • Write unobstructedly and concisely encircling law, ethics, and oppidan governance using fair adaptation mechanic