Discussion board 7 | Law homework help

  1. Chapter 20 deals delay distributeicular characteristic and bailment.  Confusion frequently exists among what is distributeicular characteristic and what is actual characteristic.  Watch the aftercited YouTube video which discusses actual and distributeicular characteristic in a settlement.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhJKs3UJzuQ  After watching the video, set forth the aftercited information: Roll two items that would be distributeicular characteristic where you feed.  Then, roll two items that would be actual characteristic where you feed.  Make firm to teach the characteristics that sanction you to categorize the characteristic as actual characteristic or distributeicular characteristic.
  2. In Chapter 20 of the textbook, a instance is set forth denominated Meyer v. Mitnick. The textbox is entitled, “Your Honor, Marriages Are Not Made in Heaven, You Say?”  After balbutiation the instance, reply the aftercited doubts:
    - What is the “modern trend” set forth by the flatter as to agreement rings given in drawing of wedlock? 
    - If the ring is a douceur, should it not flourish the rules cognate to bury vivos douceurs?
    - Should misdeed play a distribute in whether an agreement ring is returned to a fiancé? Why or why not?

Each student must shaft an reply to my doubt which would be your moderate tally (200-500 say in tediousness) and hold two references to the textbook balbutiations. Your moderate tally (which is the reply to my doubt) should be completed by Saturday, April 6th at midnight. In restitution to this, you must shaft indecent restitutional material shafts in tally to your classmates messages. All shafts on Discussion Consultation 7 must be made by midnight on April 9th.  For generous distributeicipation consultation merit, you must shaft at last five shafts (your moderate tally to my doubt and indecent answering material shafts to your classmates messages).  Make firm to carefully resurvey what counts as a material shaft as set forth in the way syllabus.