Law for business questions (mba courses)

Questions are about Law for concern (MBA COURSES)
1.You feel been dedicated the service to utensil processes and procedures to narrow the expose to your corporation naturalized on retrench obligation. Discuss systems, processes and procedures you can utensil to narrow your corporation’s obligation for retrenchs.
Typically 350~400 language. Answer questions as 1.... 2 .... 3.....

2.You feel a new customer, Arisco, LLC, that is a rouse up concern.The rouse-up has three main investors, ACME, Inc., John Smith, and Janice Perkins. John and Janice are the main employees of the corporation that feel upright graduated from Anna Maria College. Acme, Inc. is a billion dollar multinational concern.Arisco, LLC sends you an adjust for two darling dollar divisions of equipment. Each division of equipment has eight hundred thousand dollars in tonnage that you would deficiency to procure antecedently filing the adjust. Discuss steps you can admit to narrow your expose of non-payment and absence by Arisco.
Typically 350~400 language.

3.You feel a growing attention in thoroughbred chargerracing. Through an online internet forum, you unite three other race who divide your attention. Two are located in the United States and a third is located in Great Britain. Together, you career to buy a charger. Discuss the unanalogous advantages and disadvantages for each sign of implicit concern being you could engender to buy the charger.
Typically 350~400 language

4.You and your friends from Discussion Five career to fashion an LLC to buy the charger. What can you do to fix talented conduct of the corporation? What can you do to fix that you feel sufficient capital for expenses?
Typically 300~350 language