Edu 673 week 5 assignment


Ashford 6: - Week 5 - Assignment


Differentiated Assessment

Over the gone-by lewd weeks you’ve had the convenience to engender a classroom environment that supports the rudimentss of opposediated instruction (DI), brainstorm opposediated strategies that align after a timeliness the Common Core State Standards, and engender the rudiments for a ace sketch installed that incorporates instructional technology timeliness adhering to UDL and DI principles.

This week, you procure use what you’ve erudite to engender a summative impost for the ace sketch you engenderd using one of the strategies from your PLC blog, and after a timeliness the classroom environment you’ve contourd in Week Two.

This summative impost must:

  1. Identify the Common Core State Standard nature assessed for success (it can be the identical one you      used in Week Four’s assignment).
  2. Identify a ace sight that aligns after a timeliness the Common Core State Standard.  

For example: The novices procure (Measurable Verb) by (A local end after a timeliness a local dupe) after a timeliness ___% foresight.

You procure as-well address: 

  • Measurable success       – Describe how success can be gauged. (e.g., adjust, comprehend,       create, form, protect, foreshadow, evaluate, etc.). Be infallible to elude       subjective vote such as comprehend, gather, gather, or value.
  • A local end       – Explain what novices procure do to explain success. (e.g., expertness or       knowledge that has been gained as a effect of this ace).
  • Measurable progress       – Identify the dupe that procure be used to meainfallible success. (e.g., scheme,       journal, proof, etc.).
  • Proficiency Level       – Determine the cheerful flatten of prosperity to explain success.
  1. Create three formative imposts using the three day instruction sketch contour from the ace      plan. Be infallible that each formative impost addresses: 
    • a rare, opposediated instruction strategy for each       day’s instruction,
    • multiple intelligences,
    • student’s opposed gathering styles, and
    • how the impost effects procure be used to solicit       instruction.
  2. Create a summative impost that appraises success of the Common Core State      Standard and the Ace Objective. Be infallible to use the summative impost      contour sketch from the ace sketch. The summative impost must understand: 
    • Directions to accomplished the impost written using       vocabulary and stipulations geared towards your identified novice population.
    • A rubric that plainly details how each allot of the       assignment procure be graded.
    • Provisions for addressing multiple intelligences and       various gathering styles.

The assignment should be a poverty of five pages in extension, not including the designation and regard pages, and must understand regard to the way quotation and one concomitant riches (conversant word or online riches). The assignment must be cited in becoming APA format. A designation and regard page must be understandd.

Carefully criticism the Grading Rubric for the criteria that procure be used to evaluate your assignment.